Provided below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive in relation to our street lighting activities.

If you have any further questions please contact our team via enquiries@lightingcambridgeshire.com

  • How many street lights are you responsible for?

    At present Balfour Beatty Living Places maintains over 61,000 assets, covering lighting columns, illuminated bollards, illuminated signs, pedestrian crossings.

  • How many lights are switched off at night?

    At present there are no plans for street lighting to be switched off at night.

  • The street light outside my property isn’t working, who do I contact to report a fault?

    To report a faulty street light please use the contact form to submit details here.

  • What is classed as an emergency?

    Emergency is classed as a unit that has been knocked down following an Road Traffic Collision (RTC), column door off, lantern hanging, exposed wires, school crossing failure, zebra crossing light failure and unit smoking. These need reporting to 0800 7838 247 immediately.

  • How long does it take for a reported street light to be repaired?

    Depending on the nature of the fault we carry out repairs to faulty equipment within 5 working days, if the fault is due to underground cable failure this can be up to 30 working days.

    Underground cable faults can be out of our control. If this is the case, lead times may vary. We always work with the utility provider to try to minimise any delays where possible.

  • How do I know who looks after a particular street light?

    Balfour Beatty Living Places maintains all street lighting assets which are adopted by Cambridgeshire County Council. Lights may be maintained by other parties, for example Cambridge City Council, Fenland District Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council, or a local Parish Council.

    Lights on new housing developments may not yet have been adopted and will be the responsibility of the developer until they are adopted.

    Our assets typically have a label affixed to them which looks like the below image. If in doubt please refer to the Cambridgeshire Interactive Map here or contact us on 0800 7838 247.

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