Maintenance period

From the street lighting maintenance period of 2017 to 2036, we will continue to maintain all c.60,000+ assets in the county, carrying out planned and reactive maintenance.

  • Reactive maintenance means fixing lights which don’t work, replacing damaged assets, attending emergencies and a variety of other tasks in collaboration with the Cambridgeshire County Council.
  • Planned maintenance consists of routinely changing lamps (the ‘bulbs’ inside the light fittings), cleaning the lights, carrying out electrical tests, safety inspections and painting. The timescales of these tasks typically ranges between 2-6 years.

During this street lighting maintenance period we will also work with the Cambridgeshire County Council and all stakeholders to accrue new assets into the PFI and start looking after them and support with all major highway projects, for example the new A14 and upcoming A428 upgrades.